Dear society,

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Dear society,

there is a sad truth:
You can do and make whatever you want depending on your own interests and goals. You can post on social media, presenting yourself as being your own version of yourself. You can wear clothes which you find pretty and comfortable, wanting to show others your style. You can write essays about subjects which you are deeply interested in and want to talk about. You can do researches about these subjects because you are deeply sure you have a passion in them. You can do and make whatever you want depending on your own interests and goals but still get compared to others who have done those same things before you. Even if it is not even true, even if you are only focused on yourself, people will throw negative things at you for allegedly copying others. Not everyone will like what you do. Not everyone will believe you, even if you defend yourself out loud.

In a world, where stereotyped thinking is common, it is easy for people to put you in boxes with others or claiming you to be a copy of someone else. This seems inevitable to me.

It is either the loss of one’s individuality due to the pursuit of fitting in. Or the loss of reputation of being individual because there are people who put you in the same box as others. Maybe, the loss of individuality because of paying attention to negative energy of other people in the consequence of losing oneself.

Everyone is born being extraordinary and individual. No one must label anyone badly for something they are not. No one has the right to tell them they are not individual.

I wish that someday, you will change. I wish that someday, you will be able to view things from different perspectives. I wish that you will realize there are many people on their way to find themselves and present themselves because they do not want to be known for being another version of someone else but as the one and only version of themselves.

Over the letter i put two photos of myself. Many people have shot photos like these. Many girls have posted them on social media. But why would I care? Every one can decide what to post. Everyone should be able post without getting allegations of being a copy of someone else.

I hope, dear society, you will as well realize that not every similar thing a person does is a copy of someone else.

I hope, dear society, you will realize that every one in this world is an individual.

someone who you have often put in boxes she did not belong to


Some time in Vienna


A few weeks ago, I participated in a test which will decide about my acceptance at the University of Vienna. As i wrote in my first article, I have always wanted to become a doctor. Just after my final exams in high school were over, I was studying for the application test for the next 6 weeks, when I thought that the study phase was over. But as they say, nothing’s for free!

The day before the test, I decided to quit studying and took the metro to the Karlsplatz which is near the inner city.

The hotel in which I stayed is located near the Prater, Vienna’s amusement park. This is were I spent my last day!

Vienna is such a beautiful city! I really hope that I passed the test and be accepted at the university. It would be wonderful to live here.



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Hello there!


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Welcome to La Grace de la Vie!
I am so excited to finally start my blog! In fact, I have wanted to be a blogger since i was 13 but I never had the courage to really get started. But here I am!❤

Some facts about me:

– My name is Jessica Santosa and I’ll be turning 19 in September. I had high hopes to be independent when I was 18 but they remained unfulfilled.

– My friends call me Jessi or Jess.

– I’ll get a crisis if you call me by pronouncing the “J” softly. 😂

– I was born in Berlin and I now live near Hanover in Germany.

– I can speak 4 languages (English, German, Indonesian and French. I used to take Latin classes as well.).

– I graduated from high school this year and I will as well move out for the very first time! It was something that i could only dream about but this year, it’s official! (Hopefully, I’ll be independent at 19, haha!)

– Since I was about 9 years old, I wanted to be a doctor with a title in human genetics. This year, I applied for medical school.

– I am 157cm (5ft,2inches) short. When I was a kid, i was always dreaming of becoming tall (like, 5 feet at 10 inches😁). According to an examination at the doctor’s at the age of 12, the maximum of my height would only be 153cm or at least anything under 160cm… I stopped growing when I was 13. That’s when my dream was shattered… But meanwhile, I fully accept being short. (Shoutout to all the short people out there!😎)

– I have scoliosis and had to wear a corset from the age of 13 to 15. But to be honest now, I neglected wearing it after a year. (Luckily, it didn’t affect my spine because I already stopped growing!) Getting rid of it was one of the best things that happened to me. But of course, the healing was another best thing!

– I am procrastinating a lot! People around me would not even think of it because my school grades were quite good and I actually am an ambitious person.

– Someday I will travel around the world, doesn’t matter how old I’ll be. To me, age is not important. (Who says that you can’t live your life when you’re old?!)

– In my opinion, youth is a state of mind. (As already said, age doesn’t matter to me.😊).

– My favorite place on earth so far is the isle of Santorini. I was there last summer with my parents and I will absolutely come back soon!

– If I should name one thing I could never ever resist, it would be Sushi.

– If traveling was free, I’d already be in a different place than Hanover.

– I can’t wait to get started with my blog!❤

Since I will be going to college soon, I hope I’ll have the chance to at least post once a week!
I’m looking forward to this journey. Come and join me 💕